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                   Helicopter Cargo Flights                          

Helicopter Cargo Flights                          

Helicopter cargo flights for rapid delivery of important shipments 
Helicopter cargo flights for rapid delivery of important shipments 
If you need a component to be collected or delivered at speed that no other form of transport can offer, then our Helicopter Charter Service is the perfect solution for you. Our spacious hold area can safely collect and deliver any item up to 1.2 cubic metres and 375kg weight limit. It is the only mode of transport that can offer a client both speed and agility to keep production lines moving. We can carry emergency parts, lose parts, boxes , important medical equipment and more. We have delivered to ports, productions sites, oil rigs and many other places that cannot afford to stop their workforce. Short shipped or delayed parts can be mitigated with our service as your emergency solution. Our fully equipped transport yard is located 10 minutes from the Channel Tunnel and our logistics staff are standing by to assist you with your shipment, documentation and customs clearance. 

The benefits of our helicopter cargo service  

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10 minutes from Eurotunnel 
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Short-Notice/Reactive flights 
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Fully equipped transport yard 
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Day/Night Operations 
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Direct routes for fast travel 
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Rapid transfer of cargo 
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Fully Insured 
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Discretion and security ssured 
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Assistance with documents 

 Ideal for deliveries to:  

Automotive Industry 
Medical Emergencies 
various pharmaceutical products
Pharmaceutical Industry 
car parts being manufactured
Manufactured Parts 

  Typical Flight Times 


Lympne to City of London 30mins 
Lympne to Sandwich 10mins 
Lympne to Gatwick 30mins 
Lympne to Birmingham 75mins 
Lympne to Cardiff 90mins 
Lympne to Manchester 110mins 
Lympne to York 110mins 
Lympne to Sunderland 130mins* 
Lympne to Edinburgh 200mins* 
(*refuel stop required based on cargo size/ number of passengers) 
London to Birmingham 50mins 
London to Cardiff 60mins 
London to Manchester 85mins 
London to York 85mins 
London to Sunderland 120mins*  
London to Edinburgh 175mins*  


Lympne to Antwerp 80mins 
Lympne to Kortrijt 50mins 
London to Brussels 105mins 
London to Liege 130mins 
Antwerp to Birmingham 145mins 


Lympne to Dunkerque/ Calais 20mins 
Lympne to Le Touquet 25mins 
London to Paris 110mins 
London to Rheims 130mins 
Calais to London 55mins 
Calais to Birmingham 95mins 
Calais to Manchester 130mins 


Lympne to Dublin 180mins 
Lympne to Belfast 200mins 
Lympne to Cork 215mins 


London to Amsterdam 130mins 
London to Rotterdam 110mins 
London to The Hague 110mins 

Air Cargo Shipments  

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Request a no-obligation quote 
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Our team will process the documentation 
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Secure loading of shipment 
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Rapid delivery & Safe arrival 
Our operations team will organise rapid and safe delivery of your shipment 
We've flown on multiple occasions with the pilots at Alcaline every journey has been enjoyable and the time saved travelling is just incredible. It's the best way to travel! 
Xavier Smith 
I call alcaline aviation when I need to support my clients with travel plans. 
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